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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Just Bag It!

THIS ITEM IS SOLD - sorry :(

J u s t B a g I t
Don't you just hate those little slivers of soap that slip through your fingers and are hard to grasp? The Soap Bag solves the problem! Just place them inside, draw up the tie and you have an exfoliating cover with wonderful soap inside. No waste!
The yarn is 100% cotton. The sack is machine washable and dryable when needed.
Kids love it because they're easy to hold. A perfect idea for the whole family.

And for the Tarot lover you can use it to hold your tarot cards.

Can also be used as an organizer for your handbag...cell phone, card holder, etc.

Custom color requests are welcome.

For more photos click on above headline link!  :)

tarot cards, stones, towel and soap are not included in purchase.

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