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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ok so this is my WANT list!

I'm an advid supporter of etsy and I'm in love with yarn and thought I'd share my want list with you.
"Just for the addict of it all"
So grab your pen and paper and make your shopping list for muah!

PuffTastica Shetland and Merino Wool Handspun Yarn by thegoodsheep

BLACK LAGOON 2 Ply Superwash Merino Handspun Yarn OOAK by SheepingBeauty

Pinking of You Handspun Yarn Merino Wool 144 Yards Worsted Weight by FJCruiser

Handspun Art Yarn CHRYSALIS 100 yards bulky by wildhare

Sunlit Meadow - Handspun Art Yarn with Textile Flowers by WeirdAndTwisted

2-ply handspun yarn - sport - merino, bamboo, silk - 340 yards by OttertopWorkshop

Ok the list could go on and on, but this should keep me busy for a few :D
Check out these lovely shops!

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