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Monday, June 7, 2010

Weekend Re-Cap!

Went camping for the first time this year!
We love to camp, we spend most of our free weekends camping during the summertime.
Uni's dad and his wife went camping with us and what a weekend!
I got off work Friday and went to the campground and God love my dearest Unavee she had everything all set up and ready to go.

My baby (Uni) tending to the fire with bed head lol
Come about 5pm the rain started off and on, fished for a bit and no takers only some bites. We had to fish close to the campsite because Uni's dad can't walk well, they kept getting caught up in the trees so we had a bright idea of breaking off some of the branches. Uni reaching for the branches and i had her waist so she wouldn't fall in pulling and tugging, about to have a big*DUH* moment, the branch snaps down we go Uni landing on me and me landing on the sharp rocks *ouch* got a big bruise on my ass the size of a softball and a bloody scrap down my arm. We laughed for a few then reality set in my butt hurt sooo bad!  lol  Then we set around the campfire til about 11pm then off to dreamland.

My Boo-boo!
Saturday am woke around 9am sprinkling for a bit then about 10am we were doused so we rushed Uni's dad and wife into our tent and seated them the wind began to brew something awful. Uni and I had to hold the tent down all spread eagle. For a second there I felt like we were in Dorothy's house about to land on the wicked old witch! lol The rain began to subside and we all shuffled out of the tent only to notice Romy (Uni's dads wife) had left there tent door open *aughhhh* 2 inches of standing water. Air mattress, blankets, pillows, clothes and all drowned cats. I had to head off back home go get fresh pillows and blankies. Got back and the sprinkling continued til about 3pm *tah-dah* the sun came out for about an hour then it began to cool off and wind blowing but now more rain for the time being. We fished more and sat around the campfire listening to Jess (Uni's dad) tell stories from his childhood and some funny stories about Unavee growing up. We headed to bed around 10pm, Uni and I laid talking and I finally just dozed off about midnight the I hear a buzzing and then lights up to the tent. Uni and I peeking our heads out the window like two little kids to see what it was. I hear someone calling my name "Darla, DARLA" I'm like what?! It was the owners of the campground. He proceeded to tell us a storm was coming and hitting us about 3am tornado warning til 5am. So here we are packing up in the pitch dark and 1am in the morning I tripped over a log and busted my shin *ouch* we get everything but the tents packed up and wake Jess & Romy scared them to death I think. Headed home didn't go to bed til about 2am.

Uni baiting my hook *blech*

Uni baiting Jess's hook. (Check out that massive bobber)

Jess fishing

Me with Jess and Romy

Romy with the catch of the day.

Uni's brown eye! lol

Needless to say was a rough weekend, but time was spent and memories were made. I wouldn't trade it for anything! :D

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