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Friday, February 26, 2010

BC Fashion Week Spring

Anna Kosturovas' Spring '08 line was certainly a crowd pleaser. There was lot's of cheers from the crowd but this time it was because of her launch of Anna Kosturova Girl, a line of crochet beachwear for kids.

The kids walked throughout the show instead of all at once which was great. They were all so adorable and did such a good job. Before the show, I certainly had some reservations about seeing young girls dressed in Anna's super sexy crochet bikinis. The bikini's looked bright and fun on the kids, I am still not sure if I would want my 4-year-old in a bikini, but I think the combination of lots of bright colors and accents made the kids line super marketable. The sundresses for kids were perfect. Like the bikini's they came in all the shades of the rainbow. I loved the tassel details on the dresses and on the ties for the bikinis. If I need a birthday gift for little girl, I am going to purchase one of those sundresses, they were too cute.

BC Fashion Week

Anna's main line for women had lots of cool options as well. I think the huge range of color works for a large collection of swimwear like this. I particularly liked a really original kinda-one-piece, called the Gold Coast (below). Anna showcased a pair of super flashy bright yellow crochet pants (below) that were recently in Sports Illustrated as well as lots of wraps and cover-ups in tie dye fabrics. I liked an orange and pink print with sequins that was used, especially on a pair of super casual beach pants that would come in handy for sure (below). A lot of the cover-up/bikini combos could dub as an entire outfit for the day and night, you could literally go directly from the beach, put on your matching cover-up and look hot for dinner. There was also an airy sheer blouse that got a good crowd response, and I liked a white dress with big seamless, gathered sleeves, especially if it was a little longer. The show ended with a series of all white looks in crazy crochet patterns.

BC Fashion Week

Although impressed by the Anna Kosturova show, be warned these bikinis are not for the timid. The aforementioned yellow crochet pants are definitely Daytona Beach Spring Break kind of pants! For those of you who want to hit the beach and get noticed these uniquely detailed and eye catching swimsuits and cover-ups are for you.

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