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Monday, February 22, 2010

~ ljctree ~

I'm absolutely in love the ljctree's soaps. I haven't found a product I don't absolutely LOVE yet from her shop, and believe me, I've tried a LOT of them! She also makes wonderful jewelry, face scrubs and masks not mention vintage items to boot!
I love her descriptions of the items, it makes them so unique and her items come packaged so darn cute!

So without further ado, here's the down and dirty on jjctree:


Crazy ol' cat womyn AKA that ol' green kneed granny woman, who is partial to seedlings both veggie and humanoid.

Is known to gather orange peels, bits of paper, and "treasures" from coworkers, items of unused clothing and "treasures" from family, and to curiously engage with strangers.

Is obsessed (in a NICE way, of course) with rusted bits left from plowshares and unidentified junque, wooden stumps, leaves, and other relics pushed up from Mother Earth for our visual pleasure.


..:: NEWS FLASH --- there has been a significant amount of soapmaking energy coming from that little house in the woods and under those snowdrifts --- YEPPERS!!! ...there IS SOAP!!!

....and THEN..... MORE soap --- !!! Done and Curing: Carrot, Lettuce, Pearberry, Coffee Pot, and Weedpatch....

Soon to be created: Mango, Bramble, Macintosh, Ginger Ale, Cuke, Lemon Verbena, Sunwashed Linen, Peach, Chamomile Tea!!

Visit ljctree TODAY!!
Also follow her blog at

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