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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Crocheted creations artwork is woolly good

Just a little humor, never hurt anyone!
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An artist has started creating crocheted versions of dangerous items which he has always wanted to play with, and then posing for elaborate photos with them.

Howie Woo has crocheted grenades, sticks of dynamite, UFOs and even ray guns from harmless wool before using his props to create the stunning images.
The 35-year-old from British Columbia, Canada said he came up with the idea last year and learnt Amigurumi - a Japanese style of crocheting or knitting stuffed characters - to help him achieve it.
"I like crocheting items that I've wanted to play with since childhood, like spaceships and ray guns," said Howie starting another of his yarns.
"Explosive devices are especially fun to crochet because I can add real life sparks without the real life danger."

Howie can spend up to two weeks making each of the items using his crochet hook, yarn, stuffing and patterns he has come up with himself.
The illustrator then poses for photos with his creations and even shoots videos in which he dresses in hired costumes and tells a story involving his crocheted creations.
In a recent video he wore a World War II uniform and added the sound effects of explosions happening around him as explained how he had made his fake grenades.
Howie added that while he has always wanted to make stone sculptures because they might last for hundreds of years he now embraces the fragile and fleeting nature of his crochet creations.

He added that he expected to be mocked for his decision to take up crocheting but was surprised by the positive responses he received.
"I have been have been overwhelmed by encouraging responses it is a very rewarding and humbling experience."
there is a cute video on this link also
Here is his blog, have to love this guy :)

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